Designing with Nunn Design

I've had the privilege of being a longtime member of the Nunn Design Innovation Team. Nunn Design is a small company in the Pacific Northwest that produces findings of the highest quality, with generational artisans based in the United States.

Each season, I have the opportunity to preview and play with Nunn Design’s new releases of findings and components, and they are truly the perfect complement to my bead weaving skills. You will find Nunn Design components in many of my finished jewelry pieces and in the contents of most of my DIY jewelry kits.

Nunn Design truly lives up to their mission of inspiring and nurturing people's creativity. You can see for yourself at

Visit the Nunn Design website to see an artist spotlight on some of the jewelry pieces I created using Nunn Design products.

Let it bead,


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I massively salute for this work it is a precious work of art which I have never seen before. Especially India has too much similar jewelry of Mughal empire.

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I have ordered this jewelry it has pure gold. I gifted this precious item to my friends.

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I've had the benefit of being a long-term individual from the Nunn Design Innovation Team. Nunn Design is a little organization in the Pacific Northwest that produces discoveries of the most astounding quality, with generational craftsman situated in the United Kingdom.

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