Gift Guide: Bead Buddy

  1. Floor Ott Lamp This floor lamp delivers OTT-LITE advanced lighting technology in a sleek, contemporary, metal design. It offers precise natural light placement with low-glare illumination mimicking natural daylight. It adjusts up and down, tilts and rotates. It’s the stylish and contemporary way to see your beadwork even better! $99
  2. Ezel Beading Pal Carry your current bead project with this chic traveling bead case from Ezel Findings. Featuring elastic bands that can hold bead tubes, a thread burner and scissors with mesh pockets that can hold tools and other supplies, such as pliers, a spool of thread, beading needles, etc. And of course there is room for one or two beading projects with suede cushioning to protect them. They are available in fun colors, but you can’t; go wrong with the metallic gold or silver. $100

  3. Magic Needle Puller Tired of breakage when trying to pull your needle through a small bead? The Magic Needle Puller is the solution. Forget the pliers and the endless yanking because this thing works every time. Just put the eye of the needle into the tubing and give a quick pull and it’s through. Voila! $5

  4. Gift Card to Local Bead Store Every beader wants…MORE BEADS! Indulge them with a gift card to their local bead store. Not sure which bead store is nearby, some of my favorite online retailers are:

  5. Beadwork and Bead & Button Magazine Subscriptions These are must have magazines for any beadweaver. They both feature step-by-step instructions for creative beaded jewelry and art, as well as tips and techniques to enhance your beading skills. Chances are your bead buddy already has a subscription, but they will love the prepaid renewal you’ve treated them to! $22.95-$28.99
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